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Dr Alexander (Sandy) Lang, JP, BSc botany, PhD plant physiology/biophysics

Scientific editing services

International - Send your paper to me. I live in New Zealand but I take in work from all over the world (mainly Europe and Asia).

Quality - My service is especially relevant to plant scientists who wish to publish in top international journals but for whom English is not their first language. I am a native English speaker and I have been providing professional-quality language support for several years. I do all the editing work myself. I do not delegate it to inexperienced students.

Language - I will proofread, edit and rewrite your paper to a high standard of written English. I will correct grammar and increase readability. I will pay special attention to the title, abstract and figures as many readers will look only at these parts of your paper.

Science - Expect help not just with your English. I have a broad understanding of plant science research and of the research publication process. I have a long and substantial career in plant science research and in science publication1.

Acceptance - While I cannot guarantee that your paper will be accepted by the journal, my work will increase its chances. A poorly-presented paper is always more likely to be rejected.

Personal & confidential - My service is personal. You will deal only with me. Your work is safe with me.

Ongoing support - For a single fee, I will remain committed to your paper as it moves through the journal's editorial process. I will check your minor2 revisions for no additional charge.

Quotation - For a free, no-obligation quotation, just email your English-language science paper to me before you submit it to the journal.

Five steps…

STEP 1: You email your whole3 paper to me at as an MS-Word attachment.

I will promptly advise you cost4 and turnaround (usually 7 days).

STEP 2: You email me to confirm you accept cost and turnaround and that you agree to my terms - (see STEP 4 below). Also, say if you want UK-English UK or USA-English USA. I will not start work until you confirm.

I will edit your paper and return it to you with my invoice.

STEP 3: You read carefully through your paper to make sure I have understood your meaning. If I have not, reword any incorrect sections, highlight them and return your whole paper to me.

I will check just your highlighted wording (no additional charge) to ensure the English is of a uniform high standard.

STEP 4: You pay me the full invoice amount within 28 days of invoice date. Payment must be made in Euro (€) currency (these are my terms).

Two payment options...

OPTION 1: Pay by credit card via the internet (no cost)
My invoice email will contain a link to a secure, personalised, card-payment facility at

OPTION 2: Pay by Telegraphic transfer via your bank (your bank will charge you about €20 for this service)

New Zealand banks do not use IBAN numbers

Bank of New Zealand
The Square & Rangitikei St
Palmerston North 4410
New Zealand

STEP 5: As your paper progresses through the journal's editorial process, the journal will likely require technical changes to be made. Highlight any changes you must make to gain journal acceptance and email me your whole paper.

I will check just your highlighted wording (no additional charge where changes are minor2) to ensure that the English remains of uniform high standard.

1Career - I was born and educated in England, trained at London University and have lived and worked in England, Australia and New Zealand. I have around 100 refereed publications. The first was in 1973 (Journal of Experimental Botany 24, 896-904) and the most recent in 2012 (AoB Plants 2012; doi: 10.1093/aobpla/pls036). I have also written numerous lesser papers, commercial reports and a few technical websites.

2Commitment - If the journal's editor requires you to make substantial revisions (>15% of text), I must treat your revised paper as a new document. I will re-edit the whole paper and will charge you a new fee. I guarantee and will continue to support my work.

3Understanding - To get the English right I must understand your meaning. Therefore I prefer to receive your whole paper (full text, figures, tables and references etc). Without all this, my job is more difficult and the end result is not as good.

4Charges - I charge €50 per 1000 words. I will check and charge for all wording in the title, text, figures and tables etc - I will not check or charge for the references section. I calculate the charge on the basis of a word count on the whole paper, minus a word count on the references section.
Example: Suppose your whole paper is 6376 words and the references section is 2463 words, my charge is 6376 - 2463 / 1000 x €50 = €195.65




Dr Sandy Lang
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